WWE Superstar Cesaro has Twitter account hacked

The account, which seems to be back under control of its owner, expressed an extreme amount of dissatisfaction from the perspective of Cesaro, including wishing death on WWE owner Vince McMahon and issuing profanity-laden complaints about his state in the WWE.

Cesaro has expressed dissatisfaction with the current state of WWE before. In October of 2014, Cesaro complained about seeing John Cena and Randy Orton face one another “for the 500th time”. Yet Cesaro’s tweets are not the result of his own dissatisfaction, but the displeasure of another individual.

The reason for the hacker to take control of Cesaro’s Twitter account and issue the tweets that he did is unclear, though it seems that no good can come of this in regards to Cesaro and his place on the WWE roster.

WWE has been having significant issues with Twitter accounts of late. Last week just before WWE RAW aired, WWE Superstar Seth Rollins had his Twitter account hacked, leading to the posting of nude images of a newly signed NXT diva. That night Seth Rollins also had nude images of himself leaked to the internet.

It seems likely that WWE will address this recent series of breeches sooner rather than later, with superstars possibly being encouraged to develop stronger social media passwords for their various media accounts, from Twitter to Instagram and beyond.

After all, that does seem like the absolute most obvious solution.