What will Amazon & T-Mobile have instore for us tomorrow

If you are a member of the media tomorrow will be a frenzy with two major events being held in Seattle. The first in the morning Seattle based Amazon will announce a still mysterious device. Then, not long after CEO Jeff Bezos and Amazon are done it will be T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere turn to hold his press conference.

First up is Amazon’s presentation and even though Mr. Bezos has not confirmed it there has been much speculation that the will be the long rumored Kindle smartphone. Over ten last week and a half Mr. Bezos has been sending out teasers to build up the aura of mystery. First up was a video that seemed to confirm that it is indeed the Kindle smartphone without actually showing us what is being talk about by customers. The second was a book and letter he sent out to members of the press a couple of days ago that hinted at something that will stand out from the crowd. If it is the rumored smartphone it will reportedly have a 3D feature and possibly the mayday button that was introduced on the Kindle Fire HDX.

“Using retina-tracking technology, images on the smartphone would seem to float above the screen like a hologram and appear three-dimensional at all angles,” the Wall Street Journal reported last year, citing anonymous sources.

Leaks reported by local tech blog GeekWire would seem to confirm that it will indeed be the Kindle smartphone and AT&T will be its cellular provider. If this leaks are actually proof the there will be a smartphone it only makes sense that AT&T would be the service provide since Amazon has a long working history with them to provide service to the Kindle tablets & e-readers.

The second of the two media events is even more mysterious. Mr. Legere has give no indication as to what he will be announcing tomorrow. Since there have been talks of a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile it could be an announcement on a new development in these talks. It could very well also be a new phase of their un-carrier campaign that started over a year ago. It is also possible that the announcement will be something completely different such as a campaign strategy, music streaming venture or spokesperson.