Three brilliant ways to increase your mailing list

Have you ever been surfing web sites and it seems like every one you visit is screaming for you to give them your email address? They all promise a “mind blowing” free gift in the form of an audio/video recording or a special report or e-book. For an internet marketer, the list is king and the knight who brings home the booty (in terms of email addresses) is the hero. One reason for this is if someone gives you their email address they are much more likely to purchase from you.

Email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States. (Direct Marketing Association)

Unfortunately, people are getting more and more reluctant to hand out their email address. They are afraid of spam and already get too much email to sign up for another list. So how do we build our list? In order to share their email, your website visitor needs to know three things. The first thing your audience wants to know is, “What is in it for me?” Which of these two ‘free gifts’ would best convince you give out your email address.

You will increase your income by 50% by saying YES.

You get a video that will teach you how you to change the oil in your car.

Sure, if you really want to know how to change your own oil you might sign up for that list. But, hey, you can get that done at the local Jiffy Lube for $20 and not have to get your hands dirty. On the other hand, who wouldn’t want to increase their income by 50%? As you can see the key to the ‘free gift’ technique is crafting an enticing offer. Your visitors should know that they’ll receive something valuable that will make their life better. The perceived value must be high enough to entice them to want it.

Who are you and why should I listen? You don’t have to surf the internet long to find that everyone is an expert at something. There are so many people making claims that it’s hard for your audience to know who to trust. They are looking at your offer and thinking, “Why should I believe that you know what you’re talking about? What sets you apart from other people; and why should I sign up for your list rather than someone else’s?” To overcome this obstacle you have to establish your credibility. This involves sharing your experiences, qualifications, personality, and, most of all, actual results. Let your audience know how you have helped others like them.

What will you do with my email? People hate spam in their inbox. They are extremely sensitive about marketers sharing their information with other marketers. They want to know you will only send them high-value content. Basically your audience wants to know that they will have a positive experience as a result of signing up for your list. You don’t need to give them a signed affidavit detailing what you will use their email for. Many marketers ease their potential audiences’ fears simply by stating to them they won’t be spammed and specifically how often they will be emailed.

If you answer these three questions for your website visitors, they will be more likely to be comfortable giving you their email address. Try it and watch your list grow.