Search quality rating guidelines officially released by Google

It was just yesterday that the Google Webamaster Central Blog posted about the release of Google’s search quality rating guidelines. The post was written by Sr. Program Manager, Mimi Underwood, and included a 160-page PDF attachment. This post caught the attention of webmasters and SEO agencies across the country, with article postings and comments from big names in the SEO industry, such as Barry Schwartz, SEMRush and Wordtracker.

AJ Kohn of tweeted:

“Reading: Updating Our Search Quality Rating Guidelines (Lots of mobile additions here.) #google #search”

The 160-page document is intended to help search quality raters understand how they should go about rating search engine results that they are testing. Mimi Underwood stated that the ratings given do not actually influence search engine rankings, but rather, they are used to help understand Google’s experiments. Mimi said:

“The evaluators base their ratings on guidelines we give them; the guidelines reflect what Google thinks search users want.”

She also went on to say that the document is constantly being refreshed and will be updated over time.

SEO specialists at Zing Marketing have stated that whenever Google releases new information regarding their search engine, search engine rankings, quality of search etc., SEO companies across the world “devour” the information. This document could bring about new insights and advantages for SEO agencies and webmasters.

Since Google’s “mobilegeddon”, search engine optimization experts have observed several changes in Google’s algorithm to create a more user-friendly experience for mobile users. In May, 2015 Google posted that searches on mobile devices have exceeded desktop searches in more than 10 countries, including the United States and Japan. With the constant attention on developments in Google’s algorithm for mobile devices, SEO experts hope to gain further insight with this newly released information.

We’ve asked search engine optimization experts what they believe could develop from Google’s release of their search quality rating guidelines, as well as the recent activity in mobile search.

Mat with Spiderhouse had the following to say:

“Our SEO experts are reviewing the guidelines right now to see if there’s any hint that Google can give us as to what direction they’re going. Very often Google will release a tidbit of information that doesn’t necessarily state exactly what is going to get a website to rank well, but it gives us an idea of what we should be working on. Search engine optimization strategies develop from leaked information and releases like these.”

Gene at Zing had this to say:

“We’ve managed to find some information that could potentially help us gain an advantage in our SEO. It’s all theory right now, but we have a few experiments that we’ll be trying out as a result of reviewing this info.

Google makes releases all the time. We don’t particularly expect this to result in a huge development in our strategy, but it’s good to keep on top of things. In our industry if you aren’t up to date on the latest, you’ll go out of business fast.”