Fashion Embraces Technology Or Is It Vice Versa

When it comes to wearing technology, prior inventions were too technical with little or no regards for the appearance. Technology was initially created for the functions it could perform. The gadgets were measured by their performance and not their appearance. Most of the gadgets were large, conspicuous and quite unattractive. They were more on the metallic side making them edgy and rigid. This created a reluctant nature among the public to wear these gadgets. Noticing how people were sensitive to their appearance, technology companies used this information to create visually appealing gadgets. This created the relationship between technology and fashion.

Who does not like fashion? With a wide range of styles to suite virtually everyone, what is not to like? Fashion is a widely accepted norm across the world. It does not have one distinct code that defines it. We are all involved in fashion in one way or another. The type of clothes we wear, the accessories we choose to supplement our outfits, the shoes we wear and even the eyewear we select all define our personal fashion sense. However, most of our fashion items are not functional. Instead we just wear them for the purpose of improving our appearance.

The Fusion

Recent developers, have bridged the gap between technology and its acceptance to the public. Advancement in wearable tech has seen these gadgets embrace fashion. Since fashion is one of the most accepted norms across the world, incorporating technology into these items was an ingenious move. Wearable tech is no longer just about performance. It is also colorful with sleek designs and more functions than they performed previously. Moreover, the new wearable devices are flexible to cater for the wide market. These fashion sensitive gadgets are no longer known as wearable technologies. Instead, they are now referred to as smart accessories.

Smart accessories have changed how the public views technology. All aspects of fashion have been embraced by developers to ensure that all individual tastes are met. Smart accessories are now in the form of clothes, shoes, eyewear, wrist bands, and ankle bands as well as other forms of accessories such as necklaces and bracelets. They are created to offer discretion and comfort to the wearer. The larger versions have a sleek design that make them look fashionable while at the same time offering high performance.

The eyewear sector has been infiltrated by technology with devices such as the Google glasses taking the front row. The Google glasses have changed the look of eyewear to a different level. These glasses may look like normal small lensed glasses. However, this is not the case. The lens of the glasses is a screen where the wearer can view information from. These glasses have a sleek shaped frame where a small lens is supported. Although faced with minor challenges, eyewear tech adds functionality to what would have been a basic set of glasses.

We all like trendy clothes. This is evident by the frequent release of new clothing lines. Well, this sector has not been left behind in the advancement of technology. Designers such as Ralph Lauren have also ventured into the tech world and have come up with smart shirts. For the use by athletes and other fitness observers, smart shirts are embedded with sensors and other technologies that turn the otherwise simple shirt into a walking gym. The shirt will monitor your heart rate as well as give you statistical information of your workout sessions. The gadgets in these smart shirts are wirelessly connected to an app that displays the data collected. In addition to smart shirts, technology has also been embedded into sports shoes for the purpose of tracking activities.

A more common sight for wearable tech is as accessories. A wide range of wearable tech is designed to be worn either as wrist bands, bracelets, necklaces and ankle bands. Wrist band gadgets are mainly designed to look like watches. They may also function as watches but also include additional functions such as health and fitness tracking as well as notification of call, texts and emails. Ankle bands, worn on the ankles may also appear to look like watched or as a band with numerous sensors embedded in it. More attractive and visually appealing, shiny bracelets and necklaces have also been transformed into functional accessories. These accessories have been incorporated with sensors and other combinations of technology that work with smart phone apps to display the data they collect.

The blend between fashion and technology has seen a lot of change in the technology sector. However, this should not be a source of concern for technology lovers. The adoption of fashion into wearable technology has not in any way altered the performance of the gadgets adversely. As a matter of fact, this advancement has led to more efficiency, improved performance, added versatility, more customer satisfaction and acceptance and most of all improved productivity. The accuracy of the smart accessories is unlike any other due to its advanced technology and its closeness to the wearer. The fusion between fashion and technology is a welcomed change by the larger public who can now wear their wearable gadgets comfortably. This being the emergence of wearable tech, we are very likely to witness more fashion inspired gadgets.